Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT is made up of many different wonderful church/ministry pastors and leaders. In this series (‘Meet the Leader’), we introduce you to some of these people – to encourage you with how God is using men and women across the state, and to help us better connect as a denomination/movement!

My name is Scotty Daniels and I’m the Youth & Young Adults Pastor at Community Life Church, Cherrybrook. Community Life is a cross-cultural/generational, prayer-driven church. I’ve been in my role here for almost 6 years. A carpenter by trade, I love anything that’ll get your heart racing or that involves an engine – from 4wding to wakeboarding to snowboarding, as well as camping and building custom furniture.

As a teenager I was away on a camp. My journey with Jesus had been growing deeper and deeper, and while away on this camp I was overwhelmed by the impact that Jesus was having on my life; the love, the hope, the joy that had come into my life through knowing him. It was at that camp that I felt the clear call to use my life to help other teenagers hear about Jesus and experience the same life changing salvation that had impacted me.

From there it was very much God who continued to open doors into many different roles, courses and opportunities that helped grow and develop my leadership to where it currently is today.

Working amongst our Baptist Association has been an incredible blessing for me, allowing me to get to know other youth pastors and leaders and allowing us to grow and encourage each other.

It has also given me the opportunity to serve as part of the State Youth Camp team for the past few years – something I’m extremely passionate about. Camp for me helps to bring not only youth but also youth ministries together from all across the state to worship and grow together in Jesus, and shows young people that their faith in Jesus is not just something at a local level – they are a part of something so much bigger, something that had a huge impact on my faith as a young person. Taking part in camp reshaped our ministry when I first started.

Also taking part in our annual youth ministry conference has had a transformational effect on how we as a church engage all ages of our church congregation with our youth and young adults – to help them be able to both see and interact with others as they journey with Jesus through all stages of life, in the hope that they too will follow Jesus all life long.

If you haven’t been engaging much with the association activities…DO IT! You wont regret it.

Please pray that God will continue to equip me to grow faithful leaders, that together we may teach our youth and young adults, both churched and non-churched, what it is to follow Jesus all life long.


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