In the typically exciting yet chaotic lead up to Christmas, Esther Thackray from Springwood Baptist Church had a strong desire to spend intentional time with her kids focusing on Jesus. And with a passion for writing, Esther wanted to use her words to facilitate this for other families as well.

“I love using words to help people see God’s goodness and grace,” reflects Esther, “I want kids to come away with the message that God is good and He is for you”.

In mid-2021 Esther Thackray was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, and her fast-paced pouring out for the Gospel had to come to a sudden stop. Rest was not something Esther was used to, and with two small boys and a passion for ministry the sudden stop was jolting.

“I was working out what it looks like to still use my gifts but without disrespecting my need for rest.”

After struggling to find a book to gift to her niece earlier this year, Esther decided it was time to step into the writing space. Esther’s first book, “Beautiful is More” redefines beauty and is Esther’s way of sharing with her niece and other girls what she wanted to say about their true beauty and worth. The book received amazing feedback around the creative and inspiring way it shares images of girls that are different and diverse.

When Christmas came around, it was time for a new writing project.

Loving the beautifully chaotic side of Christmas, Esther was looking for a way to help her kids focus on Jesus in this amazing but distracting time of year.

The advent devotional Esther produced is shaped around helping kids think about who Jesus is. The first half of the devotional helps children reflect on the Christmas story, focusing on the things kids often find most surprising and intriguing about the story. The second half looks at who Jesus grew up to be, helping kids to understand what makes this story of a baby 2,000 years ago so significant.

Esther’s devotional is something she wanted to read with her kids every day in the lead up to Christmas, and is a great gift to other families seeking to bring more focus on Jesus into their festive season. With skills, passion and gifts for writing, we’re excited to see what resources Esther will share in the future.


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