As part of their strategic plan coming out of COVID, Carlton-Kogarah Baptist wanted to focus on community outreach, to both meet the needs of people in the community and grow the church.

In this, Cathy saw an opportunity to use her recent doctoral research, as well as her personal and professional experience, to support those navigating the aged care system, either for themselves or alongside a family member or friend.

“Given the ongoing challenges faced by those delivering care and those receiving care, I am compelled to offer support to those in need,” says Cathy.

Cathy reflects that historically churches have played a key role in supporting older people in society and sees this initiative as Carlton-Kogarah Baptist “stepping back in” to protect and support vulnerable elderly people accessing aged care services.

The Aged Care Support Group offers a forum to ask questions, talk through barriers, have a listening ear, and be provided with relevant information. It will run twice a month, starting with a program opening on 7th August at 10am.

“If we are in a position to meet the needs then why not?” reasons Cathy.

To find out more about the Support Group, or to talk about how your church can better support those lost in, or confused by, the aged care system, email Cathy Monro at



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