We love hearing of baptisms at our different churches. At Windsor District Baptist, Theresa Johnson recently came to faith – and was baptised last year (alongside others). Here is her testimony!

How would I describe my life before meeting Christ?

No matter what I had in my life; my family, friends, interests, work, home, material possessions… I was still sad. I was not complete. I had an emptiness – something was missing. I was grateful, and generally happy, but nothing really made me feel whole or content.

How did I realise my need for Christ?

I started attending Windsor District Baptist Church (WDBC) regularly to hear God’s word, looking for guidance. Some days I would come out of church happy and elated… and sometimes I felt so unworthy, I just wanted to crawl under a rock, and ask for someone to stamp on me. I saw the truth of God’s love in the glowing faces and radiant smiles, and knew this is what I was looking for. I truly listened, and felt the happiness and peace I longed for. It wasn’t in my world – the world where I tried to do things my way – It was in God’s world… And I realised I desperately wanted to be part it!

What steps did I take to become a Christian?

In February last year, I attended the Franklyn Graham Tour at the ICC in Sydney. As I listened to the heartfelt words of the Christian music, particularly the message in a song by an American band called Crowder, “Come As You Are”, I felt each note bring me closer to God. Franklin asked those who wanted to ask Jesus into their lives to come forward – those who genuinely wanted to ask for forgiveness. He told us that God loves us, and grace would be given. My heart found my legs, and without hesitation, I was down on the floor. I stood, heart pounding with emotion and anticipation. Then, I felt the warm reassurance of a hand on my right shoulder. I turned and saw a beautiful woman who told me, with a beaming smile, that this would be the best decision I’d ever make in my life. She stayed with me as I prayed for forgiveness and asked God to please come fully into my life, and to let me be His, to do His work and live the life He meant for me.

My experience at church:

I have since had a lot of support and encouragement through WDBC. I was offered an online course that led me step-by-step at my own pace into getting to know Jesus, understanding my need to be restored through a new relationship with Him, and uniting with my new family. It showed me how to find timeless truth in the Bible and how to pray. I was also part of a small group where we did a ‘Foundations’ course and talked honestly and openly, in support of each other. This was a huge learning curve for me.

My baptism:

Initially, I felt I knew the truth in my heart, so why did I need to publicly declare this to everyone else? But in the same breath…I wanted to be baptised. So, I was honoured to be baptised on Easter Sunday 2020 in front of my new family in Christ. I have learnt that I did need to stand up and give my testimony with my whole heart to God. By letting go of who I was publicly, I was free to become who I am: A child of God, open to the abundance only a life with Him can give.

“I was honoured to be baptised…in front of my new family in Christ…I did need to stand up and give my testimony…By letting go of who I was publicly, I was free to become who I am: A child of God”

How does Christ help me and make a difference in my daily life?

The change in my life is incredible, magnificent, and absolutely beautiful. The life transformation has been an amazing journey, which I am still very much on.

I now attend a weekly Bible Study Group where I have experienced amazing fellowship and learnt so much from God’s word – much more than trying to do it on my own! Sharing in God’s plan with fellow Christians is such a blessing. You realise you’re not alone – you’re not the only one who has been through stuff. With honesty, compassion, lots of laughter, and a few tears, you realise God’s word and Holy Spirit is living, here and now. He loves and guides us all.

I start each day with prayer and praise to God. I leave the decisions to him. I ask that I may please feel his love and guidance in all that I do. He is the father I look to – I talk to him all the time!

I read the bible and it speaks to me like it never has before. Every verse leads to the next. My study bible has me jumping from one book to another. The beauty in his word is so powerful.

Don’t get me wrong…each day has its challenges and I still get frazzled! But I know I am in God’s plan, I am not empty anymore, and my heart is full of love.


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