Developing Leaders Across the Movement


In May 2023 at The Gathering Incorporating the Annual Assembly, the movement accepted to the 2023-25 Strategic Plan. The Plan can be summarised in our three priority areas: Developing Leaders, Mobilising Healthy Churches, and Partner in Ministry.

The first priority is Develop Leadership across our movement in three dimensions:
1. increasing the number of leaders,
2. widening the diversity of leaders, and
3. deepening the character, competence and capacity of leaders.

GEN1K LEADERSHIP – We see a movement raising and empowering Kingdom-focused leadership.
A culture of leadership development across our movement.
Ample mature leadership to allow our churches, groups and new ministries to flourish.
Healthy pastors and leaders serving our churches and groups with sustained vitality.
Leaders equipped and supported for their roles in the broader community.

Check out what Craig and Jenny had to say at the Assembly about Developing Leaders and what that looks like on the ground!


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