As the Association continues to move towards the Gen1K vision of a thousand healthy churches in a generation, I am excited to introduce Rev Ken Kamau who has recently been appointed as the Church Multiplication Team Leader. Ken has been a key part of the Church Multiplication team over the last few years, and I am excited to see him step into this leadership position.

Ken brings a wealth of experience locally and around the world. In Kenya he led a large church of over 1200 in weekly attendance across 4 campuses’ that multiplied 5 churches in 6 years. While in the US, Ken was part of a multi-site mega-church with 3 campuses in the Indianapolis area. As part of a global partnership, Ken joined our team, alongside revitalising Earlwood Baptist Church and serving as a key part of the Transform Southern Sydney (TSS) regional team.

In this interview, Ken briefly shares his journey and his hopes for ministry and mission.

1. Tell us how you came to be a part of the Gen1K Mission and Church Development group?

I came to Australia in 2018 as part of a church planting partnership between my sending church in Nairobi, Grace Church (in the US) and the Association. As part of my journey in revitalizing Earlwood Baptist, I was drawn into the bigger Gen1K vision of not only revitalizing one church but being part of a bigger movement seeing 1000 healthy churches.

2. What have you learnt about faith and leadership during the challenges of COVID?

I have learnt that in times like these, the depth of our personal journey with God is vital. It is hard to lead during times of constant change and uncertainty when you are personally at a place of emptiness. You first need to lead yourself well in your personal prayer and devotional life. I have also learnt to look at those that have gone before me, especially the early church. As I reflect in the Book of Acts, they navigated the challenges on their knees. By looking back, I have learnt to trust God despite not knowing what tomorrow or next week will hold because He has been faithful in the past, He remains faithful in the present and future.

3. Where have you seen God at work in the area of Church Multiplication?

I have noticed an increase in more churches seeking out what it means to be a multiplying or sending church. This is very exciting, because when church leaders start asking these types of questions, the sending platform increases in size, the rally call for church planters is amplified, and the culture of multiplication starts becoming embedded.

4. What most excites you about your new role as the Team Leader – Church Multiplication?

I get to work with an awesome team towards a great vision!

5. What would you say to a church or individual considering church multiplication?

The best time to start is now. It is hard to find the perfect time. A lot is shifting, and I honestly see that the future of multiplication in our movement will be predominantly through Networks and collaboration, so I encourage individual church planters and churches to start looking for opportunities to either be part of a network or even start a network. I will end with an African proverb… ‘If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk with others.’

By Jamie Freeman [Gen1K Mission Team Leader]


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