Rev. Ken Kamau, Multiplication Facilitator for our Gen1K Mission Team and senior pastor at Earlwood Baptist Church, integrates his background as a pastor at Nairobi Chapel in Kenya with his experiences in Australia. Yes – this is the same Ken who drops wisdom every week in the roundtable discussion on our Forming Church podcast. His story is so good that we needed to pick his brains a little further on a dedicated episode! Ken encourages us to look at the people in your context who love God, are already active in your church, and are passionate and engaged, saying: “Start with those closest to you. You’ll be shocked that once you bring clarity, vision, intentionality and a call to something that’s bigger, the people in your pulpit will step up.” He also talks about the benefits of training as part of a wider network: “Having alignment of vision, intentional relationships, and a willingness to take risks together as a group; it’s safer – if we fail, we all fail together, but if we win, everyone wins…If we really want to see the name of Christ lifted up, and to see God’s glory manifested throughout our neighbourhood, we know that not any one of us can do it on their own.”


If you’re thinking about church planting and/or joining a network, Ken is happy for you to talk to him! His email address is:
The way Ken talks about multiplication – it’s like it’s just become another part of him. He also lives and breathes collaboration, and makes it so accessible for people to understand the heart behind it and the reasons why it’s so necessary. Catch the full ep here!

Featuring members from our Gen1K Mission team, the ‘Forming Church’ podcast explores what evangelism could look like in our rapidly changing world, resourcing the next generation of church planters and urban missionaries. If you’re a pastor, church planter or ministry leader keen to connect with others and discuss missional conversations that have kicked off from the podcast, request to join our Facebook group here

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