Discipleship involved in ministry


In my role with BCS, I have the opportunity to travel to different churches to represent BCS and reconnect with many godly men and women who have played a significant part in my Christian growth and maturity.
Some have had specific roles (Sunday School teachers, Bible Study leaders, Youth leaders, Youth pastors, Pastors, ministry colleagues) while others are friends whose encouragement, support and prayers have been so influential in shaping me and my understanding of Christian faith and belief.
As I spent time with the members at the recent BCS Annual General Meeting, I was struck by the collective contribution these faithful supporters have made in our churches and in the life of BCS. Their prayers have upheld BCS over many years, praying for the challenges, praising God for the blessings and interceding staff and clients; the hours of volunteer work they have given to regularly visit some of the residents of our facilities who are lonely and vulnerable, assisting serve meals to the homeless, stacking shelves at Food 4 Life stores, listening to people who share their troubles and concerns through prayer; their financial support of various campaigns to raise needed funds for some of our programs. During 2012 these programs have included supporting the homeless and marginalised at Darcy House, Port Kembla; supporting women and children who are victims of domestic violence and providing a safe place for them to stay through Chisholm Care; support for the homeless and providing Christmas Hampers for more than 600 of our most needy clients. I wanted to share some of the comments I have heard from supporters as they have shared about their motivation for being involved with BCS:

Fiona* has been praying for Brenda Robilliard, our Chaplain at Westmead Hospital, every day for many years: “I believe that God does hear and answer our prayers – and I believe prayer makes a difference”.
Michael* gives regularly to the various BCS appeals: “My wife and I support BCS because we continually feel blessed and are aware of others that are not so fortunate – we feel it is very important our kids grow up with some awareness that there are others who don’t have what they have”.
Louise* has supported BCS since she was a teenager and continues to be challenged by the needs of the LifeCare programs: “Some of the ministries of BCS can be quite confronting but it is dealing with the need when we see it and not turning away. Because I have seen the work of BCS, there is every justification for use of any money I can supply to support this ministry.”
Alison* travelled long distances each week to volunteer for a number of years: “Volunteers with their additional time can really show the love of Jesus that is part of who and what we are. We can support and uplift every program that BCS runs.”

The success of our ministries is dependent on the prayers and support of so many but we need more people to join the prayer team, to become volunteers and support BCS LifeCare ministries.


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