Easter Message


Easter is a special time in the Christian calendar. However this incredible historical story has a more universal lesson.
Good Friday stands as a point of remembrance of the greatest sacrifice in history and points us to Jesus the one who took from us guilt and shame, something that we could not do by ourselves. Jesus did this, the bible tells us, not because we were good people or because we loved him. He did this when we still despised him and were lost in disobedience to God.
Good Friday also calls us to advocate and stand up for those in our community and world that are unable to speak or help themselves. We are inspired to do this not because others like us, have asked for help or are nice people; but because we have been given the perfect example in the Son of God, Jesus, standing for us when we could not stand for ourselves.
We all, at some stage, journey through dark places. It is part of the human experience and impacts us all differently. The Easter Sunday story stands as a further example of the wonderful victory that Christ won over the darkness of life, a victory not only over death but over everything that challenges hope in our life. As Christ emerged from the tomb, emerged from death, he declared that even death could not quench our hope.
As we journey through life we too can allow our victories and joys to be a testimony of God’s love for us while allowing our struggles and tears to bear witness to the Hope we have because of Jesus.
This Easter be reminded of the indescribable hope we have when we put our lives and trust in Jesus.  In this life we are empowered by Jesus to not just survive but to flourish in the midst of turmoil and even in death to be united with Christ. What an incredible hope we can have if only we put our faith in the risen Jesus.
We need also to allow the sacrifice of Jesus to shake us from our comfort and complacency and to stand up for those who are hurting, vulnerable and without hope.



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