Baptism is a highly unique and personal experience. An important step in many people’s testimonies, baptisms are a public declaration of what the Holy Spirit has done, and is doing, in someone’s life. 

Janna, from Sanctuary Blue Mountains, recounts her baptism story.


I got baptised on the 4th of September 2022. 1 decided to get baptised since my first one was done by someone, somewhere a long time ago, which I don’t have any memory of. I describe baptism as a wedding day, and not having a memory of that special day? doesn’t make sense.

I joined Sanctuary in August of 2020, and after 2 years of time, I finally learn how to walk with God, and experienced living God. So it was time to declare that I choose to be reborn in Christ.

Actual baptism day, it was very cold and rained… I still remember standing in the water and feeling my feet frozen and thinking, “Summer baptism sounds better”.

BUT, when Adam and Josh prayed and we were all keeling down, I didn’t feel cold at all. Almost felt like my body was surrendering to the Lord. When they dipped me into the water backward, I did feel I am going to die, lying back into the water really do feel that way. Maybe that is the purpose? And I choose to go in forward again, and that was just refreshing. As I decided that day, I give my life to our Saviour Jesus Christ, old Hana is dead and new Hana is born.

Thank you, Lord!


People responding to the game changing news of Jesus is at the heart of the Gen1K vision and our ‘why’ as Baptists, which is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, sign and deed, together. As we head towards National Baptism Week on the 15-22nd October, there are a few things we want to share with you! Visit to find out more.


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