AH, lockdown… We’ve been here before: The cancelled dinner reservations. The stores void of toilet paper. The text from your boss saying ‘prepare to work from home’. For a while it’s not bad – a chance to slow down, rest, and get some things done around the house. But for most of us, there’ll come a point where we’ll get a bit bored! So, having been here before, we asked our team for their tips for lockdown-friendly fun.

  1. Emily Christoforou (Content Creation) says: “Throw a virtual dinner party on Zoom! Organise some friends, pick a meal and each cook it in your own house, and then sit down and eat it “together” one night!”-
  2. Remember cookbooks? Those things, sitting dusty on your bookshelf, that existed before the internet? Shelley Cattell (DOM EA / Assembly Council Secretary) says: “We’ve chosen a recipe book and we’re just about to start working through it…cooking something new from it a few times a week!”-
  3. Got good weather and a mate who lives nearby? Esther Thackray (Greater West for Christ)says: “We’re planning a whole bunch of walking/bike dates with friends and other families. Social time without breaking the rules!” Plus, you can support local small businesses by grabbing takeaway coffee/treats on the way.-
  4. Linnah Hahn (Emergency Relief Coordinator) says: “We’re doing a backyard fire pit…if the weather cooperates!” And why not add s’mores/toasted marshmallows to the mix?

5. One for the kids! Belinda Lakelin (Evangelism Consultant) has the idea to create a chalk-drawn Bible adventure story on your outside wall or driveway!

6. Kate Devlin (Communications Coordinator) says: “There are a bunch of games I’ve played with people, including Pictionary, Categories, Codenames, Skribbl and Virtual Bingo!”

7. Fiona Gardner (BYM Mental Health Coordinator) says: “I am having a virtual movie night with some junior girls I do a bible study with. (We are watching through an online platform called Scener. You can invite people to a private party, or join/make a public one for anyone to watch a movie with you!)”

8. Katie Watson (Safe Church Coordinator) proves ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’ with her 12 Days of Lockdown poem:

Twelve plans a cancelled
Eleven puzzlers puzzling
Ten crafters crafting
Nine board games playing
Eight hours of zoom call
Seven loaves of sourdough
Six hours on Facebook
Five vi-si-tooors
Four metres squared
Three toilet rolls
Two vaccine jabs

and a mask covering mouth and nose!

9. And Grae McWhirter (Gen1K Strategic Support & Regional Development) follows suit with this COVID Parody Psalm:

I lift my eyes to the press conference. Where does my help come from? My help comes from Dr Chant, Chief Health officer of NSW.
She will not let our contact tracers slip up – she who watches over us will seldom slumber, indeed, she who watches over NSW will hardly slumber or sleep.
The Premier watches over you – the vaccine will be a shot in your right arm. The QR code and mask will protect you by day and the lockdown by night.
The Health Care system will keep you from harm – it will watch over your lives. The Police Commissioner will watch over your coming and going, both now and forever until the end of restrictions.

In all seriousness, we know that ‘stay-at-home’ orders (and the many missed opportunities for connection that they bring) can cause much sadness and grief. Please know that we are praying for all of our churches. Check out some tips (from our resident psychologist, Krystyna Kidson) for mental health care during this time here


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