The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every nation…but not equally! While Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, other countries and governments are ill-equipped for such a crisis. Refugees, who were already living a nightmare, now face even more fear: as it’s not easy to maintain good hygiene or social distancing in a small refugee camp, where quality healthcare and testing is not available, many lives are in danger. In fact, Covid is estimated to bring 100 million people into poverty. But many of you are praying for your brothers and sisters living in poverty around the world. And affiliated organisation Baptist World Aid Australia (BWAA) continues to dream of a world where all people enjoy the fullness of life. This year, they’ve helped combat the effects of Covid-19 in a number of ways:

  • ‘Stand with Garment Workers’
    In the global fashion world, coronavirus has magnified already existing concerns around wages, worker health and safety, and labour rights. Many workers lost employment as a result of factory lockdown closures. The crisis also gave those involved in trafficking an opportunity to offer cheap labour. Lockdown and border closures disrupt the ability for government and organisations to respond to human trafficking and modern slavery. So, this year, Baptist World Aid Australia has been challenging Australian fashion companies to support vulnerable workers in their supply chains by committing to their ‘COVID Fashion Commitments’: to identify, listen to and support the workers at greatest risk. To stay informed about the campaign, and how you can take action as a consumer, sign up here.
“Due to the coronavirus crisis, human trafficking and modern slavery have increased significantly in the global fashion industry.”
“Child labour is an ongoing problem in the fashion industry.”
  • The ‘Global Emergency’ Appeal
    This appeal helps to provide hygiene kits to at-risk families, health workers in overcrowded conditions and long-term emergency field workers. The vital supplies include hand wash, sanitiser, gloves, head covers, face shields, protective goggles, gloves and gowns. One mother, forced to flee her family home in Myanmar, and unable to work due to covid lockdowns, says: “I am very grateful that my family has been provided with hygiene supplies such as masks, soap and washing detergent so we can keep clean and protect ourselves from coronavirus.” Click here if you’d like to give.
Emergency food provided to those in lockdown in the Philippines
Face masks, soap, and food items distributed to vulnerable people living in Kenya
  • The ‘End Covid For All’ Pledge
    Australia has been a world leader in ‘flattening the curve’. This pledge, which has received 25059 signatures at the time of publication, calls for the Australian government to provide support to more vulnerable nations. Without action, coronavirus could erase a decade of progress against poverty…so it’s time we offered a helping hand. You can sign the pledge here.


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