When Bedford was established by the Baptist Association 80 years ago, it was to invest in people for their benefit, the benefit of their families, and the benefit of society. Church engagement in education had not been approached like this before.

“The church wanted to be involved in more than just the recruitment of people to the faith or the building,” says Steve Dixon, CEO, “it wanted to invest in people as they fulfil what God is calling them to.”

So, Bedford began offering vocational courses. The courses they offered were designed to support wives and mothers to enter the workforce by providing them with business qualifications. This empowerment of women made Bedford a pioneer.


And today, Bedford continues to be a pioneer.

This year, Bedford changed their logo, to better reflect who they are and who they want to engage with – the motivated, the driven.

They’re changing their people, adding more staff to better meet student needs.

And they’re changing what courses they offer. Their courses are expanding to reflect and respond to the changing needs of society.

And these changes all align with who Bedford has always been.


One of the new people on the team at Bedford is Peter Denison as Chief Delivery Officer. Motivated by his faith, Peter took the role at Bedford as an opportunity to “express my Christian worldview in my daily work through education”.

Peter values being part of Bedford’s pioneering.

“Bedford is pioneering by proactively collaborating and discerning the organisation’s educational needs,” explains Peter, “helping address needs for retraining or recertification, taking action to meet those needs, delivering with energy, engagement and excellence”.


In terms of the courses they offer, Bedford’s focus remains on the most vulnerable in our society, including offering qualifications in childcare, community services and aged care.

And Bedford will continue to expand their courses to fill gaps in the market in a way that fits with their values of empowering, innovative, and caring. And this reliance on their values is reflected in the student experience.

“I was drawn to Bedford College for its reputation as I knew people who had studied there previously and had successful careers,” explains Jordan, an ex-student, “what I did not expect was to be so well nurtured in an all-round caring and inclusive environment that accepted and welcomed me in. I was surrounded by like-minded people who genuinely wanted me to thrive and grow, not only in my career, but as an individual as well.”


Bedford approaches everything from a foundation of faith.

“The vast majority of private registered training organisation don’t have a faith element and those that do most often train people for ‘the ministry’,” explains Steve.

But Bedford wants to challenge our idea of what ministry is. As they have done from the beginning.

Bedford equips its graduates to live out their faith in their vocation. They are taught the content of their courses to a world-class standard but are also taught how operating from their Christian worldview impacts and shapes how they will operate in the workplace.

“The training that I received at Bedford College equipped me for the work that I am doing now,” says Jordan, “but the support and guidance that I received has equipped me for life!”


Bedford continues to make real change in the lives of its students, their families and society.


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