Funding our commitment to Gen1K

As we begin to implement the Gen1K Vision of 1000 healthy churches in a generation, one of the key forms of support is funding.
Planting new churches involves committing financial resources, as does assisting existing churches to move forward in missional health. This commitment needs to be present both at a local church level and at an Association level.
One of the ways our Association is implementing this commitment, as agreed at our March Assembly this year, is with the launch of the Gen1K Fund. This Fund provides a central place from which to manage our financial resources that are earmarked for directly assisting church plants and church revitalisation.

How will the Gen1K Fund be used?

  1. To support approved Newstart Baptist Church Plants. Currently, approved plants are eligible for seeding grants and interest-free loans to assist them in their first year or two.
  2. To enable new mission strategies by existing churches who have entered a revitalisation partnership with the Association. Support is currently in the form of a Church Development grant or loan.
  3. To provide interest free loan funds for up to 5 years to churches making their first property purchase.
  4. In rare cases, to make strategic property purchases on behalf of the Association, which are directly related to future church planting efforts in new areas.

Finances for the fund will come from 3 main sources:

  1. To begin with, a number of older trust funds are being consolidated into the Gen1K Fund, which will enable them to be more efficiently utilised.
  2. Investment earnings on the money in the fund will help build it over time.
  3. Donations and bequests. This will be the main source of building the fund into the future. Individuals, churches and organisations are encouraged to invest in the growth of God’s Kingdom in an enduring way by contributing. If desired by the donor, contributions can be directed towards either church planting or church revitalisation.

And we are already off and running…

Just as the fund arrangements were being finalised through the Assembly Council, a donation of over $20,000 was received from a group of individuals from within our movement towards church planting through Gen1K. We trust that by God’s grace this will be the first of many contributions to the fund in the years ahead. Large or small, any contribution will be an investment in the Kingdom vision of Gen1K. It is something that will reap eternal dividends in the lives of people who probably don’t yet even know Jesus.
If you would like to find out more about contributing to the vision of Gen1K through the fund, either with a donation or a bequest, please contact – or


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