Have you heard of Retreat Groups?

Retreat Groups explore what Kingdom restoration looks like in the areas of personal renewal, relational renewal and structural/systems renewal – and how that might be experienced in the real world. They are for Pastors, Pastor spouses, church staff, retired ministry people, chaplains, mission staff and others involved in ministry.

The purpose is to create a small group environment of safety and trust where stories can be told, into which the Spirit of God can impart Renewal/Restoration. The flow of the Retreat unfolds as each participant tells their story in his/her own way. From there will come insight, affirmation and/or challenge. Each group decides its course on the basis of need and insight.

Many of our Baptist leaders have experienced the trust and support of a Retreat group…

Darryl Spicer, Pastor of Brookside Muswellbrook, says: “Renewal Retreat Groups have been vital in maintaining my ministry role. There is something incredibly special about sharing how things are going within your life, relationships and church with others in a similar situation. It is a place where you can share the good, the bad and the painful, regardless of your theological traditions. At times the journey can be tough and it is good to have people around you who can help you process things. Just like it is good to be a voice speaking into other journeys.”

David Williams, Associate Pastor of Narwee Baptist, says: “The opportunity to transparently share my story with others who treat it with honour and sensitivity and without advice, condemnation or any expectation.”

Christine McGowan, Pastor of West Ryde Community Church, says: “These groups have been a safe place for me to ask questions, discern direction, and process the way forward outside of my local Church environment.”

Consider this your invitation to participate in a significant faith community adventure!

For further information, visit retreatgroups.org or contact Jenny Casey (jcasey@nswactbabtist.org.au), Steve Bennetts (0412 670 208) or Colin Cowling (0410 482 987).


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