At the beginning of the year, Shelly and Brad* found themselves living on the streets in Parramatta. Their rental had been sold out from under them, the welcome of their family had worn out, and the police kindly indicated a park bench where they could safely spend the night. With just a couple of wheely suitcases crammed full of their belongings, they cried out for ‘just a little luck’. Evidence suggests, God heard the cry of their hearts.

Continuing to pursue a solution, Shelly and Brad were able to secure an empty townhouse rental. Shelly contacted Chris McGowen, pastor of West Ryde Community Baptist Church, with her story and situation. Moved with compassion, Chris met up with her. Chris mentors Accreditation Candidate Linnah Hahn, Missions & Community Ministry Leader at Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church (HVBC). Their regular catch-up was Monday for lunch.

Upon conclusion, Chris off-handedly mentioned the needs of this couple, in a rather random ‘thinking-out-loud’ kind of way. Linnah knew some of the folks at her church were downsizing, and may or may not have some items. “Excuse me, Chris, while I make that post right now before I forget.” “Sure, Linnah, thanks.” A short post was quickly made on FB page “HVBC Connecting Women.”

Within hours, the women and families of HVBC had responded with 4 sofas, a double bed, a desk, coffee machine, kettle, microwave, Manchester items, kitchen supplies, as well as a generous financial gift! Through the week, with contacting and arranging, and the support of some ute-endowed folks, the goods were delivered! (Not all 4 sofas as they wouldn’t fit!) In the meantime, Chris and West Ryde Community Church were able to find resources to purchase a new refrigerator and a washer for them!

Before leaving them the first day, they were asked if they could be prayed for. Brad removed his hat while the group prayed. Before leaving on the second visit, Brad asked if they could pray again. Shelly and Brad were awed, grateful, encouraged and inspired, and Brad said he’d never seen anything like this. Neither had the givers who could say with confidence that evidence suggests that God is looking out for this battling couple.

‘Jehovah Jireh’ is the God-name Abraham declares when the Lord provides the ram offering in substitution for Abe’s offering of his son Isaac. Jehovah Jireh: The Lord will provide! t is with confidence that this writer can say that Jehovah Jireh is alive and active today, and that he works through his people. In this time of changes, insecurities & fears, and normalization of life as we know it, we can remember that our Provider sees & will see, perceives and provides that which is needed to be in His Loving Plan.

*Not their real names

Written by Linnah Hahn (Missions/Community Ministry Leader @ HVBC)


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