Olive Tree Media creates Christian media products. One of these resources is a documentary called Jesus the Game Changer’ (JGC). The first season focused on how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. The second season focused on the movement of Christianity from the backwater of the Roman Empire to become a global faith. 

Belinda Lakelin, our Evangelism Consultant, says: “The first two ‘Jesus the Game Changer’ series have proven to be a high-quality and inspiring look at the difference Jesus has made, not just to Christians – but to the world we live in. What I love about the series is how it draws on the rich history Christians have to inspire and motivate modern-day Christians.”

She adds, “It feels like the Western world is changing so rapidly right now – so I find it reassuring and comforting to look back at the ways Christians have lived out Jesus’ teaching through all kinds of disasters and changes to find hope our generation will be able to do the same.”

During the height of Covid-19 restrictions last year, Windsor District Baptist (one of our NSW churches) ran the second season as a mid-week online webinar series with special guest speakers, opportunities for Q&A, and breakout rooms for smaller group discussion. This helped them to care for their people, and maximise the use of digital content, during a difficult season. 

Belinda says, “Our churches who have engaged in the series have learned there is nothing we face that can stop us loving God and loving our neighbour and to keep persevering in mission. Jesus the Game Changer has proven to be a wonderful catalyst for mission and evangelism and we hope more of our churches get involved.”

Olive Tree Media are excited to announce that they have completed production of a third season of Jesus the Game Changer!

This new season of 13 episodes, a little different in style, was released this week on the recently launched Olive Tree Media Watch+ Platform (where you can watch, reflect, learn, discuss and share all their great content in the one place). In a press release, CEO Karl Faase describes it as “a combination of beautiful cinematography, high production values and inspirational stories.”

The challenge all broadcasters face is what new programming looks like given the global travel and social distancing restrictions from COVID-19. But after completing two seasons of Jesus the Game Changer, Olive Tree Media realised they had some inspiring and beautiful stories to tell that didn’t ‘make the cut’, and have now created Season Three from this never-before-seen-footage! 

Titled “One Life at a Time”, Jesus the Game Changer season 3 focuses on the story of the guest and shares in more detail these lives that Jesus has changed. They include Dr Billy Kim (prominent Christian evangelist and humanitarian from South Korea), Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh (who were jailed in Iran for distributing Bibles), Hassan John (a church leader from Nigeria), Eddie Arthur (a Bible translator from the UK) and more.

Pic from JGC Season 2: Interview with Dr Billy Kim, chairman for the Far East Broadcasting Company

Fasse commented, “The guests on Jesus the Game Changer 3 have been game-changers in mission, bible translation, academia, business, church ministry, and caring for the vulnerable. Each guest has an inspiring story of courage, conviction and faith…Our hope is that this third season will challenge and inspire viewers that God changes the world ‘one life at a time’. Each episode will encourage viewers as they learn from these incredible people and their remarkable stories.”

The series is available now at www.olivetreemedia.com.au


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