On November 2nd, baptist women around the world will take part in Baptist World Alliance Women’s (BWAW) annual ‘Day of Prayer’ (DOP). This day began post World War II, as Baptist women in Europe realized that only God could dismantle the pain, anger and divisiveness caused by the war. They came together in prayer, and since that eventful period, the Day of Prayer movement among Baptist women has grown. It’s now celebrated by women in nearly every country where there are Baptist groups, including our very own group: Women2Women (W2W)*.

The annual event allows each continent to share their prayer points with the rest of the world’s Baptist Women. Over the years, a number of our churches have run prayer sessions and meetings using the prayer guides provided by the BWAW. The day also involves an opportunity to raise funds for ministry projects around the world. Last year, W2W raised funds for the Anderson’s – missionaries in the Northern Territory whose home was vandalised – to help them be able to buy new kitchen supplies. 

Day of Prayer 2019, in Papua New Guinea, where the women represented the colours of the continental unions.

Glenys White, who first became involved with W2W back in the year 2000, has been part of many DOPs. “Many churches have supported the DOP over the years, and thousands of dollars have been donated towards the projects from the different countries,” she says. “Just last year I attended a Day of Prayer Breakfast in Forster Church. We had lunch together and then each had a section of prayer from the guide where we prayed for the needs of seven different continents…It was a time of outward looking and praying for the needs our fellow sisters in Christ worldwide and the ministries they are involved in.”

According to Glenys, interest in the DOP amongst churches has unfortunately dwindled. But, she says, “the LORD is in control, and as women we have to look to the future – reaching out in a different way”. Of all years, the DOP is particularly important this year due to the physical, emotional, mental and economic effects of the global pandemic. If you’d like to stand with others and brave this new global situation, join BWAW’s first ever online DOP here. Be involved by sharing with friends or a Bible Study group. Can’t meet with sisters in person? Why not text/email some prayer requests to friends and commit to pray at a particular time, or meet via Zoom!

We look forward to hearing how you were involved in the DOP 2020

*The Women2Women ministry will come to an end at the end of 2020 


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