Tim is in year 4 and being asked to sit outside the class isn’t uncommon for him. He can be easily angered and suffers anxiety.

Enoch, a chaplain connected to Greater West For Christ Chaplaincy, has had quite a few walks and chats with Tim. When Enoch found him outside his class sometime ago, Tim said that he was kicked out because he wanted to write a song but the teacher wanted him to do what other kids were doing. Enoch invited him into the meeting room and gave him a paper to write that song. Enoch was expecting him to write some original lyrics, but then realised that he was recalling the lyrics by singing the song. He came alive as he sang –

“No longer a slave to fear,
I am a child of God.”

Tim doesn’t have any religious connections. He didn’t really understand the lyrics. He heard this song in a movie called ‘Bright Ones’ which he stumbled upon as he was browsing through Amazon Prime. He enthusiastically shared with me the storyline of the movie. He then asked Enoch to play that song on his phone. As the song played, Tim sang his heart out.

Now that Enoch knows that Tim loves a song about God he can answer Tim’s questions and tell him a bit about God. “I look forward to more chats with Tim about that song and other songs,” says Enoch.

In addition to supporting children as a chaplain, Enoch has the privilege to teach Christian SRE. After class last week, James came up to Enoch and asked, “Enoch, does God have a set date for our demise? Can people bring that forward?” James is a bright and articulate student and those were his exact words. There had to be a reason for him asking these questions. As they spoke, James told Enoch about his anxieties.

“I would never have identified him as someone who suffers anxiety,” recounts Enoch, “this is my third year of teaching scripture to James. I have now started journeying with him. I am praying that as we pray together Jesus will set him free from his traumatic memories, unmet desires and anxieties.”

During this lent, please pray with Enoch and the Greater West for Christ network for the next generations to be drawn to Christ. Pray that Tim, James and many more children and young people will be freed from their slavery to fear and every crippling force, and experience freedom and happiness in being children of God.


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