Mid Year Ordinary Assembly September 2015


On Saturday the 12th September 2015 the mid year annual assembly was held at Pennant Hills Baptist Church.
We had a great turn out with many important topics covered.
After registration, worship and prayer Pete Davies, the retiring Associate Director of Church Development and Ian Altman, the incoming associate Director of Church Development, led the assembly through a workshop on Church revitalisation and the newly developed Revitalisation Booklet and the accompanying Church Lifecycle Survey.
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After morning tea Steve Bartlett, Associate Director of Church Planting presented the Gen1K Leadership 411 draft prepared by the Leadership Development Taskforce.
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Before the assembly broke for a very nice lunch Ken Clendinning chatted with Pete Davies, retiring Associate Director of Church Planting….

and we had two important announcements.  The start of the constitution review….

and the completion of Ken Clendinning’s, the current Director of Ministries, term.

After lunch the assembly were honoured to be part of the Commissioning Service of Rev Ian Altman (BA Accreditation Service Booklet) into the role of Associate Director of Church Development.

This was closely followed by the Accreditation service (BA Accreditation Service Booklet) of our newest Accredited Ministers.

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