Last month we launched Insights (our new monthly time of learning, connecting and keeping up-to-date), and gained “insight” into how to open up a conversation around mental health within your church. This month – Wednesday 17th of March (1-2PM), to be exact – will be an “insight” into redefining success! Our presenter is Dr Omar Djoeand: member of Caringbah Baptist, National Director of SIM Australia, and author of Redefining Success (According to Jesus). Omar had a blast serving as a Pastor at Nairobi Chapel when it grew from 800 to 2,000 people. He also felt like a failure when facing decline and stagnation in earlier years as National Director of SIM Australia. His experience with success in ministry has been both sweet and bitter.

“We suffer harm when we define success according to our church growth, attaining our goals, achievements, approval rating or popularity, looks, job, possessions, or any outward symbols. We then feel inadequate because someone else always has more and better. We are vulnerable to comparing, and the ‘never enough’ syndrome – feeling we don’t measure up and always wanting more,” Omar says. “But would Jesus consider us a success when we are not ambitious for the Kingdom, maintain traditions and status quo and claim being faithful when we are playing safe? By redefining success according to Jesus we can experience courage and overcome fears of rejection, failure and change; contentment as we place our identity and security in being God’s child; purpose in being Kingdom-focused more than self-absorbed; and joy in giving generously more than spending on ourselves.”

This topic will be particularly helpful for pastors and church leaders who are coming out of a time of having their views of ministry success challenged, following the turmoil of last year. It is also for anyone exhausted from trying to meet other people’s expectations, or constantly comparing themself with others. Don’t be paralysed from fulfilling God’s purpose because you are afraid of rejection or failure! Redefining success according to Jesus is straightforward in theory, but challenging to apply. Join us for a taste of Omar’s story/resources, an opportunity to connect with him, and a chance to reflect on your own definition of success. Click here to register for Insights (or, email for more info)!

‘Insights’ is the next iteration of last year’s ‘Live Q&A’, taking place monthly on Zoom. At Insights, we go through the latest COVID-19 updates, and dive deeper into different areas of Leadership, Health, Mission and Justice (often with the help of experts). These sessions are for any leader within your church: Pastors, Secretaries, Treasurers, Elders…even people you see leadership potential in! Rally your ministry team and use it as a leadership development tool, and/or time to connect with other pastors and leaders within our Association.

P.S. Have you and your ministry staff joined our new ‘Pastors & Leaders’ Facebook group? It’s another place for us to connect, encourage, challenge, share stories and engage with tools from the Association. Request access here.


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