At The Gathering incorporating the Annual Assembly, we heard from the Partnership Team on what’s been happening in their space towards our shared Gen1K Goal. We know that to move towards a thousand healthy churches in a generation, we need healthy partnerships – and for that to be evident in healthy, vibrant and strategic regional expressions.

In 2023, our regional ministers developed their teams, some starting teams, for the first time and others growing teams, and all of them being more strategic and focused. The regional ministries grew as networks that understood better their purpose – relationship building, resource sharing, raising leaders and reproducing. This was expressed in our Regional Teams Conference in 2023, where regional ministers brought their teams and prospective team members to share stories, work together, be inspired, get strategic towards the Gen1K goal. Specialists in leadership, health and multiplication joined that conference to develop leaders in our regions. Our South Coast region officially became an affiliated ministry in 2023, now making eight out of ten existing regions affiliated ministries. And we started a new pastor’s network in the Cumberland area of Sydney, with plans for more networks being planted or replanted in 2024 – so that by the end of 2025, every pastor across our movement should have the opportunity to connect with others in their local area.

Meanwhile, other expressions of partnership and support and strategy was evident in 2023. In our Ministry Standards Team numerous churches were assisted and resourced. 4,000 people completed Creating Safe Spaces, trained across 125 workshops. By the end of 2023, 23% of churches had completed their Safe Church Health Check, with about that many again well on the way. And the team has continue to do amazing work supporting churches to navigate really challenging situations in godly, honest ways. The team continued to update policies and resources, which is an ongoing project in our desire to partner with churches to be safe places for women and men of all backgrounds, experiences and across all generations.

Our Communications and Events Team worked hard in providing opportunities for partnership to occur in spaces like our Gatherings, and where our different association teams provide specialist events and conferences and training towards the goal.

Kiah Ridge went from strength to strength in 2023. They have had a wonderful bounce back from the Covid years, with a full calendar, and continue to be a space where churches, schools and community groups meet and where God works.


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