At The Gathering incorporating the Annual Assembly, we heard from the Mission and Church Development Team on what’s been happening in their space towards our shared Gen1K Goal.

We’ve continued to lean into a proactive approach to church health through initiatives like Multiply. Churches engaging with these supports are growing at almost four times the rate of churches not engaged, and seeing more than two and a half times the rate of baptisms.

We are working closely with Baptist Mission Australia to respond to the changing nature of mission, which is seen the shift from mission being from the “west to the rest” to mission being from everywhere to everywhere.

This is seeing greater engagement and partnership with our culturally and linguistically diverse churches and leaders as we come alongside and journey together – advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations in our neighborhoods and around the world.

Our disaster response and recovery work has continued in the Northern Rivers and Western Districts, particularly focused on mental health and resilience.

The growing connection and shared strategies between church health, church multiplication, global and local mission are bearing fruit in a holistic and an integrated way. The fruit of all this can be seen in the seventeen new congregations birth, which reflect our commitment to diversity and a blended ecology of churches.


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