At The Gathering incorporating the Annual Assembly, we heard from the Leadership Team on what’s been happening in their space towards our shared Gen1K Goal.

In 2023, the Leadership Development 101 initiative was launched, and this is seeing some of our youngest leaders being developed. The content is being delivered by teenagers, so peers are hearing it from one another and those a little bit older.

We also kicked off the Impact Gap Year program in 2023. Those who have left high school, providing a gap year experience which is investing into their character, investing in their sense of belonging, teaching life skills, and deepening their relationship with Jesus.

In SRE, our special religious education area, we’ve seen over one hundred new teachers being trained and equiped.

And more pastors have been accredited. At the Accreditation Service there was an incredibly diverse cohort of pastors being set apart for ministry.

Last year we also saw the start of our Glasshouse Initiative. This initiative is for those who are newly minted senior and solo pastors. The 12-month intensive trains and invests in these new senior leaders within our movement.


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