Dale Stephenson is the Senior Pastor of Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne – the largest baptist church in Australia (with 5,000 people attending weekly, pre-COVID). He’s also the Team Leader of Building A Discipling Culture, which coaches leadership teams in how to put the mission of God into the hands of ordinary people. Dale became passionate about this after noticing a non-alignment in theology on disciple-making amongst Australian christians. We spoke with Dale about how to create a culture of multiplication in churches of all shapes and sizes in our new podcast, Forming Church. “There’s gotta be something so simple that the common person is able to grasp it and do it,” Dale says. “Until making disciples becomes that simple, it won’t become viral.”

Here’s a snapshot of how to create a culture of multiplication, according to Dale:

1. Understand God’s expectation of multiplication

2. Look at how Jesus discipled 

3. Don’t try to disciple the masses; just start with a few 

4. Figure out what works in your context

Dale’s interview contains practical wisdom and insight that can be applied in any context. Listen to the full conversation here!

Featuring Jamie Freeman, Pip Miner & Ken Kamau from our Gen1K Mission team, the ‘Forming Church’ podcast explores what evangelism could look like in our rapidly changing world, resourcing the next generation of church planters and urban missionaries. If you’re a pastor, church planter or ministry leader keen to connect with others and discuss missional conversations that have kicked off from the podcast, request to join our Facebook group here

(The Forming Church Podcast is sponsored by Baptist Financial Services)


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