New Hope


In families, communities and nations all around the world, Christians are demonstrating God’s amazing love to people in need. Their practical service is restoring justice, dignity and hope and through their love and witness many are coming to put their eternal hope in Jesus.

moonshineFrom Moonshine to Mushrooms

Bina used to supplement the income she made working as a labourer on construction sites by making “moonshine” – local distilled alcohol. The labouring was difficult, and making moonshine meant she was not respected in the community. However, her husband didn’t make enough as a mason to support Bina and her two children and she felt she had no other choice.
Now she has found a new hope.
Bina has joined a women’s savings group run through our partner, United Mission to Nepal. These groups gather women to meet together and take part in training on savings, increasing their incomes and looking after their families’ health.
In November last year, Bina participated in a two-day training course on growing mushrooms. After the training, she put what she had learned into practice. Starting with an investment of 800 rupees (AUD 10), she made 2500 rupees (AUD 32) with her first crop of mushrooms. Encouraged, she invested NRS 1500 (AUD 20), from which she hopes to make NRS 5000 (AUD 65) in the next growing season. Although it doesn’t seem like much, this is a lifeline for Bina and her family and has the potential to significantly change their lives.

islandOur Paradise Island

Gibson lives on Santa Ana, one of the remote islands within the Solomon Islands. For a long time he felt that life was difficult, gardening and fishing to keep the family going and struggling to find ways to overcome the problems they faced.
“When I came and joined the program,” he said, speaking of South Seas Evangelical Church’s work in his community, “it changed my whole concept of how to live in the village and do something positive for the community.” Through the training sessions offered by the project and Gibson’s willingness to get involved, he has now become the community Chairperson of the health committee and works with the Elders and Chiefs to take responsibility for the whole community.
Gibson now has a vision of hope for his community where they move from dependency to self-sufficiency. The program has shown them how they can better use the resources they have in the land and the sea. He wants to see their children growing up being educated and taught to love God and respect the environment on which they depend.
“The project makes me feel proud and gives me hope that our community can change and become a place where other people would like to visit. I think Santa Ana is our paradise island.”


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