Marie’s journey


Marie*, with indigenous heritage, was brought up in a strong Christian home. However, some life choices resulted in Marie being the victim of abusive relationships. Her pain led to many violent and aggressive occasions, with Marie being in and out of court and gaol. As far as the court and legal system was concerned, there was little hope for Marie.
One night, Marie walked past a local church. For some reason she felt drawn to the church and had a feeling she needed to connect with some of the beliefs she had known growing up. As she came through the door, she hesitated. At that same time, Jane, a BCS staff member who was also at the church, noticed Marie and spoke to her. The interest and care that was shown to her gave Marie confidence and she told Jane she was in trouble. Jane immediately asked to pray for Marie, but after the prayer Marie left and Jane did not see her again.
Six months later, Marie again came to church but this time was determined to change and break out of the 20 year cycle of crime, drugs and abuse. On that occasion, Marie recommitted her life to Jesus and immediately she felt peace within once more – she left a changed woman. Many people were unsure of befriending Marie due to her bad reputation in the community, but Marie simply sought to live a different life so people would notice the change that had occurred.
Knowing Marie had never worked previously, Jane told her about the BCS Food 4 Life program which was to open in Marie’s town and asked if she would like to be a volunteer. With a heart to help indigenous people in the town, Marie agreed. Being such an identity in town, Marie had an immediate impact and helped so many people who entered the store. The whole community was so proud and amazed at Maries’ change; a change which had transformed her life.
Marie knew what it was like to walk through hard times where drugs dominated her financial priorities while provision of food for the family became a poor second. Because of her experiences Marie had a passion to help her indigenous friends and family to change their lives, and think about what was important and how they could turn their lives around. She encouraged them to come to the BCS Food 4 Life outlet as soon as they received their fortnightly Centrelink payment to avoid wasting it on the wrong things. Marie now shares with others about the full life they too can enjoy and has an amazing impact in her community.
BCS seeks through its diverse range of programs, to be a passionate and innovative Christian organisation bringing life-transforming care to all our clients. Our mission is to express Christ’s love as we serve individuals, families and people in the community who have unmet spiritual, emotional or physical needs – and we need your help in this mission. Would you be willing to join our prayer team, support various programs or be a volunteer? If so, we would love to talk to you.


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