Harvesting hope (HopeStreet)


The team at BaptistCare HopeStreet have great news to share; so much it’s hard to know where to start! Firstly, we’d like to say thank you to the many faithful supporters, donors and Churches who have stood with us through some challenging times over the past few years. You, like us, never gave up hoping for what was to come, and we are delighted to share we are beginning to reap the harvest borne from that hope. It is indeed a new day at HopeStreet and God is blessing this work through a vibrant team as we care for the community of Woolloomooloo.
At HopeStreet all we undertake on a daily basis is about people; people who need someone to stop and listen, and who care enough to reach out and support them as they take steps towards healing and transformation. Here are a couple of recent stories we’d like to share with you:

“I’m excited to report that one of our clients we have supported for the past 18 months, recently received public housing. The application has been a long process, which Women’s Space was able to support her through, with a large amount of paperwork and appeals filed so the client could gain priority housing. This outcome means that after years of couch surfing she is able to move out of a domestic violence situation and start to establish her own independence. It also means that she’s been given the best opportunity to stabilise her mental health and create her own place of belonging. She’s continuing to engage with Women’s Space to explore employment opportunities and maintain support. Her life trajectory has completely changed and has resulted in our client feeling a renewed sense of confidence and worth.”
– Jess Davidson, Women’s Space Team Leader

Walter was born in Iran in 1968 and migrated to Australia shortly after Iran’s regime change in the hope of building a stable, peaceful life. He held a range of jobs in the manufacturing, retail and government sectors before a period of unemployment. Walter approached HopeStreet who connected him with ongoing training at TAFE and he obtained a Cert II in Cleaning. Through our Employment Training Program (ETP), he now has regular part-time work and training as he works alongside our current team of cleaners. He says he loves working with HopeStreet enjoying the flexibility and balance with work and life.
These stories are a small snapshot of the bountiful harvest being witnessed with so much to be thankful for. However, we believe this is just the beginning and there is still much to be done and we ask you to continue to stand with us. In particular, we ask for prayer for this community, that many lives will be transformed by the love and grace of our Lord God. The witness and work of both Woolloomooloo Baptist Church and HopeStreet is a partnership with the Baptist churches of NSW and ACT, and we rely on your continued support to reach out to people in need and those who are yet to meet Jesus.
The transition of HopeStreet into BaptistCare has coincided with more intentional partnerships with churches through the Sunday Street Breakfast and worship service with Woolloomooloo Baptist Church as well as volunteering opportunities and participation in our Urban Education workshops.
Our Community Development team are continuing to explore further community engagement and stronger collaboration with other local services and agencies. Through these links we will facilitate regular community forums and special projects like the soon to be launched Outdoor Art Project. Women’s Space and Employment Training Programs have expanded their services through new partnerships with St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Home Modifications division of BaptistCare. In addition, the HopeStreet Gambling Counselling team continue to offer a highly regarded professional service and have now added financial counselling to their services.
There is a spirit of joy at HopeStreet as our team embrace the mission to see lives in this community transformed through the expression of God’s love and mercy in the care we provide.


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