Work is worship


Morling College recently hosted a day-long seminar on Faith and Work, challenging the divide between our Sunday worship and our Monday worship (aka work). As Tim Blencowe aptly put it, ‘work is worship’. We all know those called into pastoral ministry are engaged in ‘worship’. But what about the person who’s called to be a nurse, as was one of the guest speakers, Gabrielle. Her place of worship during the week is a busy emergency department. There’s Hashini, who’s place of worship during the week is an office building, where she works as a lawyer for the Human Rights Commission. Or John Sandeman (currently the editor of Eternity magazine) who used to work for Fairfax, where he was called to be salt and light in the challenging world of media. These people are also engaged in worship everday. It just looks a little different for them.
The purpose of the seminar was to equip Christians to live their faith at work. And there were many practical skills and suggestions to help us do that. But perhaps we need to take a step back and celebrate the work to which God has called each person. When we start to view work not as our Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 means to pay the bills, but as our mission field, where we engage in worship, then ‘work’ takes on new meaning. It develops kingdom importance. It removes the Sunday to Monday divide and empowers people to be bold for God.
I hope you will be challenged to consider how your small group, ministry or church can celebrate the worker. Pray for them, like you would your pastoral team. Commission them, like you would a new minister in your church. Resource them, like you would for a church ministry. And then be encouraged as work becomes worship!


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