WDBC Cracker & Bonfire Night


On Saturday 2 July, Windsor District Baptist Church held a free Cracker and Bonfire Night for the Hawkesbury community. It was a fantastic event with activities to entertain all ages.
Many people have shared with us that everyone had such a great time on the night. No-one could have anticipated that the night would have been so popular with estimates of attendance at somewhere around 1,500 people!
As people arrived they were given a passport booklet which was a guide to the various activities and ministries of the church. As they visited each area they collected stamps; by visiting all areas they received a prize. One of our goals was to showcase the different ministries that the church runs. Here are a few highlights from the event.
The Kinder–Year 6 Room, which was staffed as a cooperative effort from three different children’s ministries, was overrun by children who participated in fantastic fun and games, including testing their skills on giant inflatable activities and creating takehome goodies.
cracker2There were various cars on display with an appearance by ‘Jesus Racing’. The Top Gear Tyre Change Challenge had teams competing for the honour of first place to see who could change tyres the quickest. Out the back, the diversity of the Men’s Shed was on display as well.
There was also a room set aside for a free Devonshire tea while allowing browsing a range of craft displays and books. This room also had plays performed by the Covenant Players.
Nearby, the Bargain Barn was open all night with some very enticing specials including free gifts and gift vouchers for everyone. It was very busy throughout the whole night! Next door, the Mothers’ Group teamed up with Little Kids’ Church to do activities and crafts for younger children. The youth group took your typical inside relaxing activities outside, with some comfy lounges, PlayStation on a large screen, along with pool, table tennis and some tense games of ultimate giant Jenga!
As people wandered around the church, there were many displays and information to showcase the involvement that WDBC has in both the local and global community.
To conclude the evening, our special guest Andrew Fisher, a V8 Ute racing driver from the Jesus Racing Team, shared some stories about what it was like to be a Christian V8 ute racer and asked everyone to think about what view they held of Christians. He challenged everyone about how they face adversity in their lives and suggested that if they had questions around their spirituality, they should seek further information and ask questions.
The night concluded with a dazzling arrangement of fireworks which could only be appreciated by being there, while the bonfire blazed on. The full wrap up can be found at www.wdbc.org.au.


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