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Gymea Baptist Church releases a new studio recording of 5 original worship songs!

Can you think of a time in your life when you have had to trust God into a new or unknown situation? Over the past 18 months, our church community at Gymea Baptist has been going through one of these seasons of stretching faith as we have been invited by God to trust and follow Him into “New Horizons.”
This has been our church theme throughout 2015 – a constant reminder that God is always doing a new thing and that He is calling us to go to the places where He leads us. Sometimes this means stepping out of the boat, like Peter did in Matthew 14, by taking a single step of faith, followed by another, and then another… always keeping our eyes on Jesus.
I18-p10-360x200-Worship2This is the context within which we have been writing new homegrown worship songs this year. The homegrown songs recorded on our new EP are songs that reflect back to our community of faith some of the truths that God has been revealing to us through His Word and by His Spirit.
We have been reminded that the God of the Bible is constant and unchanging in His character and yet in His activity He is making all things new, always moving in surprising and unexpected ways. We have seen with new eyes the great love that God has for us as His people and His great desire that we would know Him deeply. We have been rediscovering the art of living out a dynamic spiritual life, which involves learning again how to listen, discern and courageously follow wherever God is leading us – both as individuals and as a community. We have been encouraged again to join with God where He working out His plans and purposes in the world.
I18-p10-360x200-Worship3As a worship team, we have sought to help, lead and encourage our church family to walk with God into New Horizons like these by embarking on some New Horizons of our own. We set ourselves the goal of writing and recording homegrown worship songs that would bless and encourage our church family through this season of trusting God in the new things He is calling us to. We felt challenged by God to take a step of faith, and to allow ourselves to be stretched creatively, relationally and spiritually, by embarking on this project.
At the start of 2015 we invited the worship songwriters in our church to consider writing songs that would reflect the key ideas that God was speaking into the life of our community, particularly through the New Horizons theme. We have seen that many in our church family have been faced with their own personal New Horizons – through both exciting new opportunities as well as difficult challenges. God seems to be able to use both the good and the bad, the mountains and the valleys, to call us deeper into Himself. Whatever our situation may be, He invites us to follow after Him and to trust Him – especially in those times when we are unsure, afraid or feel completely out of our depth. It’s in these times that we can most clearly look back and see His faithful, strong hand guiding and caring for us along the way.
I18-p10-360x200-Worship1After almost a year of preparation, planning and practice – as well as countless hours workshopping songs and recording parts in the studio – we are very pleased to announce the arrival of the New Horizons EP. While the songs have been written and recorded with our church community at Gymea Baptist specifically in mind, we believe that the truths captured in these songs will be an encouragement to anyone who has (or will) ever face “New Horizons” with God. Please download the songs or listen online, and share them with your friends and your church family! You can find chord charts for the songs and more information about the project here:
We also hope that songwriters in our wider family of Baptist churches will be encouraged and inspired in their songwriting endeavours too! Homegrown songs can speak powerfully into the life of our local churches, so please keep writing great songs that capture the heart of what God is saying to you and to your community of faith.
Finally, for any questions or feedback about the project, feel free to contact us by email: May these songs encourage you as you walk with God into whatever New Horizons He is calling you to!
Visit this website for your Free Download of the New Horizons EP from Gymea Baptist Church (email address required. We promise that we won’t inundate your inbox!).
You can also find the New Horizons EP on iTunes (or your favourite digital music retailer or streaming service) by searching for “New Horizons EP” or “Gymea Baptist Church.”


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