Revive youth nights in 2017


The Apostle Paul reminds the Christians in Ephesus that with God all things are possible – He has made a way for all people to know Him and by extension we are invited to join with Him in demonstrating and declaring who He is (Eph 3:20-21). This was He theme offer Revive youth nights in 2017*
The aim of our Revive youth nights is to connect and encourage our youth ministries through teaching, worship and story. It’s a time to celebrate what’s happening around NSW/ACT as well as providing a tremendous platform for youth pastors and leaders to serve our wider movement of churches. This year, we had a vision that by serving together we can reach over 2,000 young people with the message of Christ!
One of the shifts we made a couple of years ago now is to not simply have one Revive youth night, but to use this umbrella to create the space for youth pastors around NSW and ACT to develop and host an event in their area. With that in mind we as hundreds of teenagers join together in both Dural and Belair on Friday May 19 before we headed west to Bathurst on May 26 and to Narwee on June 2.
We are particularly grateful to Josh Mayne and the team from Hawkesbury Valley Baptist who not only lead worship on the Friday night in Bathurst, but backed up the following week in Bathurst. Chatting with Josh recently he commented “Revive is all about partnering with God to create a space for young people to be drawn close and encounter Him. Leading worship was just one of the many different “spaces” of the night that we had the privilege of being a part of to do this. In that space, when I looked out at the crowd of young people, I saw world changers. I saw a generation hungry for God to do the impossible in their lifetime. It’s a humbling feeling when you realize who you have in front of you.”
Our theme in 2017 was POSSIBILE as we want our young people to see what God has made possible through Christ by way of salvation as well as what’s possible as we submit our lives to Jesus and allow Him to use us in the world.
Our speakers this year included Steve Chong, Matt Wilesmith, a Nath Sami and Todd Darvas – all who shared a unique message that challenged and encouraged all who were gathered. While we don’t know the specific numbers of people how made first time faith decisions at each of the events, we trust that our youth pastors and youth leaders are following up with the teenagers in their churches and continuing to explore what God is doing.
Kaye Ryan from Parramatta Baptist reflected “We had such a fantastic night with our youth at Revive! I love the opportunity it gives them to gather with other youth groups, and experience that they are part of something bigger. For the moment Steve Chong started speaking they were completely engaged in the talk, with one of our youth giving her life to Jesus for the first time, and several others making recommitments. It was an exciting night for our youth group, and we are celebrating all that God has done through this gathering of youth ministries!!!”
This year we again partnered with Plunge – allowing Morling College students to boy grow in their ministry skills as well as highlighting the opportunity for young people in our churches to take a gap-year to explore God in more intentional way.
We also partnered with Scripture Union who do tremendous work in local schools and launched a new initiative with Baptist World Aid Australia, helping our churches disciple young people through their child sponsorship program. More details of the initiative can be found here –
We are so grateful to our churches and youth ministries who hosted the events in Dural, BelAir, Bathurst and Narwee andy or their Kingdom mindset and servant hearts.
May we never stop believing what God can do not simply in the lives of the young people in our churches, but for and through women and men no matter the age or life-stage.
*We will host our first Revive youth night on the Central Coast later this year at Narara Valley Baptist Church.


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