Brittany Cairns – Standing firm in reality


Benita Clark had the pleasure of sitting with Brittany Cairns from ‘The Voice’ who shared her experiences for Together Magazine.
Reality television and programs that invite you to vote for contestants have become regular viewing for many people. This year a new show came to our screens called ‘The Voice’. One contestant on ‘The Voice’, Brittany Cairns, made it through the blind auditions for the show and was mentored by country music star Keith Urban.
The exciting reality is that Brittany is a strong Christian, with a supportive Christian family, and has been using her vocal talent in the music team at the church she has attended for the past few years.
If you had asked Brittany Cairns two years ago where she saw her future heading, she would have replied “Studying to be a music teacher at the University of New South Wales.” Fast-forward two years and Brittany has found herself on a vastly different path, an unexpected path, but one that Brittany trusts is God’s calling on her life.
Brittany was prepared to go to University. She was very organised, with even her books being sorted before she had sat the HSC. Expecting that this was the path she was heading on, she was astonished when she did not get into the course she had planned. The next year was spent praying and waiting to hear from God as to what direction He wanted her to take. It was not until September, after a friend sent her a link to ‘The Voice’ audition, that she considered entering the show.
“The time seemed right and I was ready,” she reflects. “I never sensed that I was chasing this, it felt like God just opened doors, it was a cool way to experience reliance on God. I had a new confidence that I’d never had before.”
Getting through the battle rounds in ‘The Voice’ meant that Brittany had to defer from her University ‘Primary Teaching’ degree. “When God gives you a confirmation he gives you that little bit extra. I knew I would get through the blind auditions, but God gave me the blessing of having all four judges turn around. I knew I just had to rely on Him.”
It was this new found confidence that made the choice of mentor simple for Brittany, “Keith Urban seemed to genuinely want an authentic voice.”
Brittany had many positive experiences on ‘The Voice’ that led to a confidence in herself and God. But even beyond how she is now feeling, Brittany got to express her love of singing to a very large audience.
Being on ‘The Voice’ was not always easy for Brittany, it quickly became six days a week of singing “I’ve never sung so much in my life” Brittany laughed. When asked what it was that got her through to the quarter finals of ‘The Voice’ her response was simple yet profound “Prayer and reliance on God. I had a lot of people praying for me. I knew as soon as I sent my audition in I needed to be prepared in my faith. I had asked seven ladies from church to be praying for me from the very beginning. I just knew that prayer was so important.”
“I kept going back to two bible verses throughout my time on ‘The Voice’ – Exodus 15:2 and Deuteronomy 31:8. Both reminded me to rely on God as my strength and salvation and helped me to understand He goes before me in all things.”
So what is next for Brittany? At the moment she feels content in waiting on God and to see where he wants her to serve him. A passion of Brittany is to help young girls see their worth and to recognise where their identity is found. Beyond that, she would like to help teenage girls to stand firm in their faith and relationship with Jesus.
Artist Brooke Fraser is an inspiration to Brittany, having made it to the mainstream music scene without compromising herself, and more importantly, her faith. “I’d like to go to youth groups and talk to the girls about being who God made them to be and I feel I can do that through music and my experiences.” For now, Brittany is singing at many events such as Revive, Black Stump and staying on the worship team at her church.
One piece of advice that Brittany would give to a Christian wanting to go into the music industry is “Be a Christian first and a musician second.” She went on to say “make sure your faith is in line first, and ensure that the career you follow is something that God wants you to do, otherwise it will just bring you down.”


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