A bright future


I17-P17-750x420-KiahWe’re now well and truly into the 25th year of Kiah Ridge, and a busy year it has been.
In addition to the day to day running of the centre, over the last 12 months, we have been working together in looking to what the future may hold for Kiah Ridge. Looking back over the last 25 years reminds us of all the things that have been achieved, and excites us in realising the potential that still exists to utilise Kiah Ridge for Kingdom building work.
For a conference centre our size, we are ‘doing okay’. Financially we pay our own way, we have a good following of repeat bookings and generally a steady flow of groups coming and going. But is this enough? Certainly we have spaces in our calendar that we can work to fill, we can develop the site further to accommodate larger numbers, multiple groups, provide better services… the possibilities for ‘doing more’ and growth for the future are potentially endless.
As Christians we often are challenged on how we use our resources, especially time and money. As a conference centre we have a finite number of days, weeks and weekends in the year. How can we best use this time for Kingdom work? How can we ensure that we are busying ourselves with the right type of activity?
At Kiah Ridge the answer to this question lies in our core vision statement – we desire to provide a venue and opportunities where people can ‘Connect with Jesus, and Experience His Community’. This is what we want to be busy with, this is what we want to be filling our calendar with! A key part of seeing this vision continue to be a reality lies with partnering with Churches, encouraging and enabling them to get out together in a camping setting.
So, at Kiah Ridge, we want to continue to work on removing as many barriers as possible, to ensure that we can enable Churches to engage with the transformational power of Christian Camping Ministry. In moving forward in this area:

  • A partnership rate structure is now available for Baptist Churches to access
  • A commitment to ongoing improvements at the centre to support ministry activity
  • Rolling out some simple planning tools to aid Churches in their use of the centre
  • Investigating how we can assist Churches in online management of their booking process

To celebrate the 25th Year of Kiah Ridge, on Saturday 5th December the doors to the centre will be opened for a thanksgiving day where we can spend time together sharing in what the year has been, and what the next year may bring. Most importantly, it will be a time to share together in the ministry of Christian Camping at Kiah Ridge.
Email us at info@kiahridge.org.au to register your interest in sharing in our thanksgiving day and supporting Kiah Ridge into the future.


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