100 years of Morling College


By Rev Dr. Ross Clifford – Principal, Morling College
At such a time as this, our 100 Year Anniversary, it is a privilege to be Principal of Morling College. Theological college anniversaries are about people, and we praise God for how he has raised up Morling graduates over the past century, and thank him for those who will serve for another 100 years.
For 100 years, Morling graduates have followed the Great Commission and shared the gospel overseas in partnership with Global Interaction (ABMS) and other agencies. They have often done this at great personal sacrifice. Others have planted churches throughout our state and country. Some have heard the call to denominational leadership, both here and overseas.
Many Morling graduates have served in leadership roles in our association of churches as well as having a strong presence in our national Baptist life, the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation and the Baptist World Alliance. A significant number have served as faculty of Theological Colleges across the country and overseas. Others have served in community service areas such as counselling and chaplaincy. Then there are those whose calling was to bring the Christian worldview to their places of employment.
Within our current College staff and faculty, there are individuals such as Mike Frost, who has been either a student or lecturer at the College for the past 30 years. Or Mal MacCallum, the Dean of Morling Residential College, who is creating a home away from home for up to a hundred residents, students who are being exposed to a community of God on a daily basis, and the Dean of Students, Gayle Kent who aspires to equip and challenge young men and women to love God deeply and to better understand how God has uniquely equipped them, being courageous in their faith and ministry. It is people such as these who we are thankful for, as they shape the community within the College, which in turn, shapes the Christian community in Sydney, and across the globe.
All this ministry has been for the glory of God, and we continue to rely on the Lord to fulfil our mission to equip the whole believer to take the whole gospel to the whole world. What has the role of Morling College community been in your life and in the lives of those whom you know? Together with you, we celebrate and thank God for the role of these individuals who are building up generations of students who will be building the kingdom of God over the next 100 years.
As we open our Morling Residential College this month, we are thankful that God’s provision over the College is evident in this event. On the front of the building, the plaque which records the opening of the MRC has this verse on it:
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8)
This century records the glorious truth that the Lord Jesus who guided and directed us as a denomination to begin Morling, is the same Lord who directs and guides us today, and until he returns, speaking in to the life of every individual who is a part of the wider Morling College community.
By Rev Dr. Ross Clifford – Principal, Morling College


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