In an act of love, resilience and solidarity with their community, Canberra Baptist Church has supported BaptistCare across many decades

From support for our local aged care homes through to our HopeStreet services in the local area, and beyond, Canberra Baptist Church continues to journey with BaptistCare and support their local community.

Recent events over the last five years – including the violent murder of Tara Costigan, one of our own staff members – captured the concern of the congregation. It led to members of the church voicing their desire to help where they can, and raise funds directly for Tara’s Angels, our post-crisis support for women in the ACT to help them rebuild their lives after experiencing domestic or family violence.

“We’re very concerned about the issue of domestic violence and the statistics around intimate partner violence. The loss of women’s lives every week is appalling, and anything we can do to try and redress that is worthwhile,” said Rev Belinda Groves, Senior Pastor, Canberra Baptist Church.

“Tara’s death here in Canberra was quite powerful for us in terms of bringing home the issue of domestic violence. The fact that it was so near-by to a member of our church was an extra layer. We thought raising money for Tara’s Angels is something that needs to be done to support women to emerge from domestic violence, get back on their feet, and be able to remove themselves from the situation,” said Belinda.

Nicky Amy, Manager of Tara’s Angels, says that there is a really lovely synergy between BaptistCare and the church, and in nurturing this partnership great outcomes will be achieved for women and children. “The partnership will benefit many women and children accessing Tara’s Angels, as the church offers various community programs including playgroups for children and cooking groups, which they could join as part of their recovery journey.”

Belinda said as a congregation they are committed to ‘think globally and act locally’, adding, “That’s what congregations are meant to do.”

At HopeStreet we see women living in distress every day, terrorised and vulnerable. We come alongside them to help them have new choices and rebuild their lives. You can too, visit today.

Our partnerships with the churches and groups within our communities are so powerful, and we are thankful for the collaboration we share.

If you or your church, work or community group are looking to connect with a vital cause in your community, please contact our Church Relationships Manager on 9032 2500 or email us.

To learn more about Tara’s Angels and the critical post-crisis support they are providing to women in the ACT, visit our Tara’s Angels webpage. Women can register for a Tara’s Angel here too.


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