Central Baptist Church, located in Sydney’s CBD, is the earliest Baptist Church established in NSW. It has a rich history of multicultural ministry, holding Cantonese, Mandarin and English Worship Services each week, plus an International Service and Thai Fellowship. 

On 30 April 2023 they held a Baptism Service, which was a celebration of diversity, faith and unity. Here are couple of the stories of faith from their Cantonese congregation. 

Here is Anne’s story.

Anne is in her late twenties and has experienced many health struggles over her life. At nineteen Anne was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to have her thyroid glands removed, leaving her dependent on daily supplements to keep her alive. Anne has also suffered from depression for over ten years.

Anne had been living and working in China but came to Australia in late 2019 for further studies. But when COVID hit in 2020 she became isolated in Australia with no friends or family and her depression became worse. By 2021 she couldn’t go on any more. She was stuck in bed, unable to eat or drink and scared to tell her family what was going on because she didn’t want to add to their stress.

“I was like the walking dead,” reflects Anne.

Anne knew deep inside that there had to be something more to life. She began researching online but couldn’t find anything that helped. Anne recalls having a distinct feeling that there was something out there that would bring her life back, and this motivated her to keep searching.

One day, Anne was reading an online article written by a Christian about love. Anne had never heard of Jesus, but the article said that he had died for other people, which she found unbelievable.

Anne wanted to learn more.

She got a Bible and started reading it for herself. She realised this was what she was looking for. Reading the Gospel of John, she read about how Jesus was the Good Shepherd, and God showed her that she was the lost sheep that Jesus had sought and found. Then, reading about the women struck with bleeding, she was amazed that Jesus had called this woman “daughter”. Anne heard a voice in her head calling her, “daughter, rise”. And Anne got up and made a simple meal, the first meal she’d eaten in a very long time.

But Anne was still isolated and nervous to meet people. One Sunday in late-2022 she was walking past Central Baptist Church and God encouraged her to walk in. She was warmly welcomed and embraced into the community. She now comes to church regularly and wanted to be Baptised to share her testimony and faith with other.


People responding to the game changing news of Jesus is at the heart of the Gen1K vision and our ‘why’ as Baptists, which is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, sign and deed, together. As we head towards National Baptism Week on the 15-22nd October, there are a few things we want to share with you! Visit  https://nswactbaptists.org.au/national-baptism-week-2023/ to find out more.


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